Apple reportedly acquired mapping firm BroadMap and Evernote-competitor Catch

Apple acquires a number of companies every year, some of which are publicly revealed and others which remain under wraps. 15 companies were acquired in 2013, 10 of which have been publicly revealed such as search specialist Topsy, 3D sensor company PrimeSense, and mapping company Embark.


According to Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac, two of the as yet unrevealed acquisitions for 2013 are mapping firm BroadMap and location-based Evernote competitor Catch.

Gurman writes:

BroadMap is a comprehensive and expansive mapping firm with several different products and services. While the other Apple maps-related acquisitions this year focused on transit and indoor mapping capabilities, which will likely be integrated into iOS 8, BroadMap’s expertise is managing, sorting, and analyzing mapping data

Catch is an app for capturing notes with photos, text, location, and voice. Catch is similar to Evernote in many ways, although does not hold the brand recognition.

As for Apple’s implementation of the respective companies’ technologies, it is still unclear. It is likely that Apple’s Notes and Maps applications will see some improvements in iOS 8 and beyond. The talent at each company is also said to be a reason for the acquisitions.

Via: 9to5Mac

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