Apple premiers new ‘Holiday’ TV ad

During the holiday season, everyone seems to get into the holiday spirit. The season is all about giving, and spending time with loved ones. This idea is not lost on Apple, either. The company just posted its new ‘Holiday’ ad on YouTube, and it carries on the theme that comes along with the holiday season.

In the ad, a teenager is shown giving his gift to his family, a video that he shot, and edited, with segments from each member of the family. The whole thing was presumably shot and edited on his iPhone, as he is seen working on his phone for most of the ad.

This is really a great commercial not only because it brings the holiday spirit to the company’s ads, but it also shows that Apple’s devices, more specifically the iPhone, can be used to bring families together, make them closer, and even create gifts through the device.

Do you think this ad is effective in making you like Apple products more? Sound off in the comments section below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

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