Apple European online stores now offering 0% financing on hardware over £449

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Apple is clearly on a mission this holiday season, trying to boost sales as much as possible. It’s fair to say that its approach in Europe has been different from its tactic in the US and elsewhere. That was seen clearly during the Black Friday special event. Instead of offering gift cards with purchases, in Europe, it offered discounts.

One overriding feeling about Apple in Europe (or at least, in the UK) is that its devices are too expensive. It’s the reason the iPhone hasn’t got as strong a market share here as it has in the States. When it comes to tablets and PCs, it’s even more evident. And, up until now, you could only buy products by paying the entire amount up-front, or take out a financing plan and pay monthly. With the latter method, there is always interest charged.

So, for the holiday season (up until January 10th) Apple is offering 0% financing on any hardware purchases made online. To take up the 0% offer, you have to agree to make the payments each month for 10 months. For instance, if you decide to buy a £849 MacBook Air, that’s 0 deposit and 10 monthly payments of £84.90. Longer term finance deals are available, but they default to the usual 14.9% interest, which could end up costing you an extra £260 (if you take the 48 month option).

Similar deals are in place in Spain, France and Italy as well as other European sites.

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