74% of North American iPhones are on iOS 7

1204-ios-versions-1It is always fun to talk adoption and distribution numbers, isn’t it? Of course, the first thing we always have to do is compare it with Android’s latest OS distribution rate (chart below). Jelly Bean, the previous version of Android, sits at 54.5% adoption, while the newest version that was pushed to AOSP on October 31st is at a mere 1.1% distribution. Now let’s move to iOS 7 – what you are really here for. iOS 7 is currently running on around 74.1% of iPhones in North America, as well as 63.8% of iPads (that number includes the iPad 1, which is unable to update to iOS 7).

1204-ios-versions-2Android is easy to poke fun at in this respect, but of course it can’t all be blamed on Google. Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and other miscellaneous device manufacturers must built the operating system for each’s own respective devices. Apple has it set up where carriers don’t get in the way of updates, as they often do for Android updates. Apple is able to decide when it wants devices updated, what devices it wants to update, etc. Apple can even choose the exact time of day that the update will go live – it’s all Apple. Looking at Android device numbers are just sad though, seeing as 24.1% are still running Gingerbread, which was released on December 17, 2010. Yes, 2010. Insane.

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Via: AppleInsider, Chitika


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  • DavidJacobs

    I have a friend who has an iPhone 5 and is still running on iOS 6 and refuses to upgrade.He has seen other people running on iOS 7 and doesn’t like it.He says he’s happy with iOS 6 and Apple should not keep changing the software and leave it as it is! I myself always upgrade as soon as software updates are released.I think iOS 7 is much better.

  • jabombardier

    If apple were to listen to your friend, then the “iOS is stale” phrase will actually stick.i agrea along with you that I like it. I like ios7 a lot. This makeover and the added new features makes ios7 refreshing to me. No regrets and no looking back