ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Air – Unboxing and Hands On [VID + Gallery]

It’s little over a week since the iPad Air was released and already manufacturers of fine accessories are offering up their products to compliment your new tablet. ZAGGkeys Folio is the first I’ve managed to get my hands on. If you’ve been following our site for a while, you’ll know I’ve tried a good few keyboard cases for the iPad. ZAGG is among the best manufacturers of keyboard cases, and the new Folio further improves the company’s reputation.

Unlike a lot of older folio style cases for iPad, the ZAGGkeys doesn’t require you to rest your iPad on the body of the keyboard itself. Most others will have either a groove or a set of magnets to hold your tablet in place. Instead, ZAGG opted to go with a newly designed hinge. It’s stiff enough to hold your tablet without giving up, but can be turned to suit you and gives you a much wider range of screen angles.

Both the front and back covers of the Folio are lined with a faux leather. It adds a more tactile feel, and classier look than if it was completely made out of plastic or covered in metal. Keys are a good size, well spaced apart and give reassuring feedback when pressed. It almost feels full-sized, and on initial typing tests, I didn’t struggle at all to type at my usual pace.

As you’d expect it also features the usual bespoke iOS buttons for skipping through songs, locking and unlocking the device as well as copy/paste. The keys are backlit too, and you can change the color and brightness of the light to suit you. Whether you like purple, red, white or blue, you’ll find a hue that suits. If not, just switch the backlight off.

I’ll have a full review up soon, but for now, my early impressions are very good. It costs $99 and is available to order now in black or white from


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  • squiggs77

    Are there any keyboard cases that still allow you to use the tablet as a tablet? Maybe by folding around back? This seems to turn it into a laptop format and your’e stuck with it like that.

  • TiP_Cam

    squiggs77 Yeah, there are a couple. You can do that with Belkin’s ultimate keyboard case, and Logitech’s FabricSkin. The Logitech one is thinner, but the keys don’t feel like proper keyboard keys since they’re underneath a layer of fabric.

  • Keith Ian

    Unless you can super easily remove the tablet from the case and as long as it also doesn’t scratch the tablet, this is a ridiculous solution. Why have a tablet if you can’t easily use it as a tablet? Anything that pops in I doubt is easy to remove.

  • Fozzmeister

    You can easily remove it and it hasn’t scratched my screen so far it’s only plastic so it shouldn’t should it?