WhatsApp iOS 7 update shown off in video

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps ever launched on iOS. It has millions of users, and as such, I’ve always felt the developers and designers have been resting on their laurels and not updating the look/feel/UX often enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great service and connects many people across the globe, but someone really needs to set a fire under their developers’ backsides. iOS 7 has been available to devs since late Spring this year, and it’s still not updated its app to fit in with the new software.

I did get my hopes up a little too far I feel, as I assumed taking this long would mean the app would be completely revamped. I was wrong. A leaked video (picked up by Christian Zibreg at iDB) shows off the upcoming user interface, and – apart from taking many design cues from iOS 7 – it looks pretty much the same as it always has, and there are no new notable features. (For your info, it’s all narrated in German.)

We have no information on when it’s going to land on the App Store, but, it should be fairly soon, given the “finished” look of the app in the video.

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  • AntMit

    I tried and tried and tried and tried throughout iOS7 beta availability to be included in their beta program, as I was DESPERATE for it to not feel like Windows Messenger circa 2006. 
    I’m extremely disappointed with how this update looks, assuming all here is genuine. They’ve still got the same horrible looking backdrops, design ideas in chats and lack of original features / rejigging. Cam, I share your distaste for WA but unfortunately it’s how I have to communicate with most of my friends. 
    I wish more people would use iMessage or BBM – the latter at least feels nice to use.

  • RickRudge

    I’m not exactly sure what this app is for and what it does for you that other apps don’t.  Is this just for text messaging between other people who have WhatsApp on their mobile phone?  That’s as bad as using iMessage on my iPhone.  It’s too specific to be popular.  I prefer texting just on Messages or using my imo app for IMing.

  • RohanShah


  • DavidLittlefair

    RickRudge You must be the worst person ever, whatsapp is cross platform, android, windows phone, iOS etc. iMessage is brilliant between iPad mac osx and iOS, i use whatsapp everyday, most of my friends have iPhones and i can message them using my iPhone, iPad or macbook using my phone number, so yeah it is useful (2 billion messages are sent a day through iMessage). For you not to use iMessage is stopping you sending texts to others using iPhones if you only have a wifi signal (and yeah you guessed it, the messages are data and don’t count as texts!).

  • RickRudge

    DavidLittlefair RickRudge DavidLittlefair.  I think that you misunderstood my comment.  If you have a mobile phone you can text message anybody else that has a mobile phone.  They don’t need to have iMessage, Whatsapp, the blackberry messaging, or what ever.  They aren’t required to have a data plan on their phones and they don’t need to download anything.  This is what I meant.  Sure, you might be paying for the text message, but you’re also paying for the data plan unless you’re constantly in a WiFi area.