Unreleased Marshall Mathers LP 2 now available for streaming on iTunes


If you’re anything like me, you were pretty excited when you heard that Eminem’s new album, Marshal Mathers LP 2, had been leaked online. Of course, none of us would ever stream it online illegally, would we? Never! Well for anyone that decided to wait and not illegally stream the album, boy do we have good news for you. Eminem announced today through his Twitter account that the entire Marshall Mathers LP 2 (MMLP2) is now available on iTunes to stream the whole album.

iTunes has been know to stream entire albums before their release before (like earlier this year with Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience), but this time, the album is available through iTunes Radio’s ‘First Play’ station, instead of just through iTunes itself. While it may seem weird that labels are streaming the entire album ahead of the release, the hope is to cut down on album leaks, like we’ve seen recently with this album, and others such as Jay Z’s Magna Carta from this summer.

iTunes Radio

The album is currently available for pre-order through iTunes, and will run $15.99. It will also come with immediate downloads of three singles already released, and will hit a total of 21 songs, including some bonus tracks for the deluxe version.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the album, head over to iTunes and pre-order the album to get immediate access to the singles already released. Will you be pre-ordering this album like me, or will you just depend on things like iTunes Radio or Spotify for your Eminem fix? Tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • KEVOzWorld

    This album is freaking amazing!