Twice Used – Turning your broken iPhones in to modern household items

It’s the end of 2013, and by now, KickStarter needs no introduction. The latest iPhone related project was one forwarded to me late last night. And – although I might not be the target market – there’ll be some of you out there who absolutely love what Chris Koerner is doing with old, broken iPhones.


Having partnered with hundreds of repair shops, Koerner launched Twice Used. The idea is simple, he takes pieces of old, broken and discarded iPhones and turns them in to modern household items. He’s designed a clock from twelve iPhone front panels, picture frames from their backs, coasters from broken pieces of iPhone glass and even jewelry from home buttons. It’s pretty thrifty.

Right now, his business needs a boost to get up and running effectively, so he can partner with more shops, get more parts and create more quirky objects to scatter around your house (or person). Personally, I’m digging the iPhone clock face.

If you want to help this cool project get off the ground, head on over to the KickStarter page and get pledging. Pledge $15-$20 and you’ll get some home button jewelry. If – like me – you want the clock, just pledge $75 and you should get it by February next year. Side note: $300 gets you a coffee table.


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  • JoannaPrincess0

    Wow, that’s impressive! My only question is: where did you get so many¬† iPhones and how did you break them all? I think only a Rammstein fan or someone who likes something this hard – can break so many devices :) But that frame is cute

  • Truffol

    The idea is cool but I honestly do not buy it…a lot of people can cut their fingers around the house with these shattered iPhone screens. It is the one place when you should be at ease and not worry about hurting yourself.