Top Stories This Week: Samsung vs. Apple in #icourt, Black Friday discounts announced, iPad Air and more..

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This week, Samsung and Apple went back to court, fighting over the $410 million in damages that Judge Koh ordered be re-analyzed. As well as that, we’ve seen the silent, sneaky release of the iPad mini with Retina. In fact, there’s been a good variety of stories this week, the most popular of which we have rounded up below.

1.Samsung: We stole from Apple and we owe a ‘huge sum’

In the first day of this week’s re-trial, Samsung’s legal team changed tactics. After all, at this stage it’s pointless to deny any wrong doing. This case isn’t about whether Samsung owes money anymore, it’s about how much.

2.iPad Air camera compared with iPhone 5s and iPad mini [Photos]

I took the iPad Air out with the iPhone 5s and first generation iPad mini to see how the tablet’s camera faired against one of the best smartphone cameras and its mini counterpart. At this point, the iPad mini hadn’t been released.

3.Heavy discounts, gift card offers on iPad, iPhone and iPod announced for Black Friday by Best Buy, Walmart and Target

It seems every year that Black Friday deals are announced earlier. Target, Best Buy and Walmart all announced theirs with 24 hours of each other. I rounded up the iDevice related ones. There are some very tasty gift card offers available.

4.DODOcase updates iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPhone “Durable Sleeve” cases

One of the best case makers on the market, DODOcase released an updated version of the Durable Sleeve.

5.Point-of-sales systems in Apple Stores go down nationwide

And, in retail news, Apple’s U.S. stores had a major issue with its point-of-sale systems, resulting in stores having to go back to using paper and pen for completing transactions.

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  • MatteoRodrigo

    ATT has iPhones right now at half off on its website.  The iPhone 5S is 99 while the 5C is 49.  I don’t know how long thats for since it doesnt say or whether its just for new customers (but usually those promotions are)