Top Stories This Week: iPad Air or Retina iPad mini, Black Friday deals and Apple’s $578M investment in glass

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You could be forgiven for nor realizing that there was some tech news floating around this week. For most of you, this week’s focus was family, celebrating and being thankful. And quite right too. We don’t think about the people that matter to us enough, I don’t think. So, just in case you missed anything, here are the 5 most popular articles from this week. Headlines are links to the original articles.

1. iPad Air or Retina iPad mini? The unanswerable question…

I opted against doing a full-on comparison post this year for the two new iPads. The biggest reason for this is that they’re two very similar tablets. So, instead I gave my thoughts on the two’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m still not convinced I’ve found my favorite.

2. Black Friday “one-day Apple shopping event” confirmed, online and in stores

Apple’s one-day special event has been and gone. Have you ordered/bought anything?

3. iPad Air vs. Retina iPad mini – Speed Test [VID]

Since they’re both powered by the same processor, I decided a speed test was in order.

4. Apple invests $578 million in sapphire glass technology for the iPhone 6

The latest rumor floating around the web: Apple’s investing half a billion dollars in a sapphire glass making company, purportedly to create sapphire glass for its next iPhone screen. If so, it’d make it much harder than the current Corning Gorilla Glass, and more resistant to scratches.

5. Atlas ID waterproof case for iPhone 5s shown off by Incipio

The Atlas case for iPhone 5 is one of the best protective cases on the market, and the 5s-optimized version has now been announced by Incipio.


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