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There are no surprises in this week’s top stories. With the iPad Air landing in stores yesterday, it was always going to be a week dominated by talk of the newest version of Apple’s popular tablet. The iPad Air is essentially a big iPad mini. It takes after its smaller sibling in design, and with the Retina version of the mini incoming, the differences between the two – bar size – will become fewer.

1.iPad Air Smart Case – Unboxing and Hands On [Video and Gallery]

I’m always surprised when an accessory makes it in to the top 5 stories of the week, but, perhaps not so much this week. Apple’s official accessories are pricey and people need to know if they’re worth the outlay. Early impressions of the new iPad Smart Case are good, but I’m not sure it’s worth the $79/£65.

2.iPad Air Unboxing and Hands On [Video and Gallery]

As soon as I got hold of the iPad Air, I unboxed it and gave a brief overview of the hardware. As time goes on, I’ll provide more in depth coverage including a full review towards the end of next week. For now, check out the unboxing.

3.Video shows iPad Air against every 9.7-inch iPad ever in “real-life” speed test

Everyone likes to know that their new investment is worth the outlay, and this video shows off all versions of the larger iPad compared in a real-life speed test comparing powering on/off and browsing the web.

4.Expect Apple to enter new product markets in 2014

Apple never announces products in development, and is well known for being incredibly secretive. So, whenever Tim Cook or any other executive speaks about its plans, we have to grab at any tiny hints offered to us. During the earnings call on Monday, Tim Cook stated that he was confident in his company’s skill sets and that they will have no problem in creating new product categories or entering them.

5.iPhone 6 with bigger screen coming in September 2014? Yet another rumor says so

We’ve been hearing about iPhones with bigger screens for years, and the best we’ve had so far is the iPhone 5 with its longer, 4-inch display. Pinch of salt necessary.

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