Tim Cook rejects plan of opening more Apple Stores on Thanksgiving


Last week, there were rumors that Apple was planning on opening additional retail stores on Thanksgiving to give shoppers more locations to buy from during the holiday, and before the Black Friday rush. Thanksgiving is often a very busy day for Apple, as many consumers go into the stores to check out the products before the rush on Black Friday so they can know what they want before the sale.

While it may seem beneficial to Apple to have extra stores open on Thanksgiving, CEO Tim Cook vetoed the idea to open more stores, and instead opted to give the employees more family time on the holiday. While this could likely cost Apple money in profits because of the extra stores open on Thanksgiving, it does help the reputation of the company, and it also keeps the idea that Apple cares more about its employees than it does its profits. There are many other companies that have opted for a similar ’employees over profits’ strategy this holiday season. Fortunately for Apple, some extra stores on Thanksgiving aren’t likely to make a massive impact on the quarterly revenue, and the company is still expected to do just fine without the few extra openings.

Are you glad that Tim Cook shows a dedication to his employees and seems to care more about their families than he does pure profits for the company? Sound off in the comments below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: AppleInsider

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  • Sumyungguy

    Definitely agree and ALL retailers should be closed on a hokiday that is meant to “give thanks” and be with family and friends/loved ones. We have enough greed in the world. I think we’ll all be fine for one day without people having to work a day ESPECIALLY like Thanksgiving just to put more $ into pockets from sales and profit.