Stunning Apple “iTV” set concept, feature curved screen and a gold version [pics]

If – like us – you love a good concept, there’s one blog you should certainly put on your subscriber list. Every now and then, is updated with a brand new concept featuring Martin Hajek’s idea of a great Apple product. The most recent post features a curved Apple TV set. It’s not brand new, but it is an updated version of something he created earlier this year.

As with most “iTV” concepts, it kind of looks like a giant iMac. It has the same metal foot, the same vents underneath the bottom edge, and the same thin edges and curved back. Where this one differs is that it features a concave, curved glass display.

itv_martinhajek_11-640x480What’s more, Hajek thinks it should come in black. And Gold.

itv_martinhajek_2-640x480In terms of hardware features, its on/off switch is just behind the top right hand corner of the display, and the back features all the necessary ports, almost hidden behind the device’s leg. On the UI front, the graphics show a transparency similar to that within iOS 7.

In reality, we have no idea what Apple plans to do in regards to the TV industry. At the moment, the Apple TV box is selling well and has grown from being just a “hobby” product, to being one that I highly recommend anyone with an iPhone or iPad buying. Two analysts came out yesterday with their beliefs that Apple would be releasing a TV set next year. One was the usual, Gene “Apple TV” Munster, the other was Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a fairly reliable track record.

If Apple does release the long-fabled “iTV” next year, it may well look like this. Or it may be completely different to anything we’re currently imagining or predicting.


Via: Martin Hajek




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  • BillThomas

    Tell ya what of Apple ever does come out with a TV I would hate to see how much it would cost.

  • This looks like a great concept. I’m still skeptical that they’ll release an actually TV and not just blow us away with something new to the AppleTV set box. That being said, I really like how this concept looks.

  • KEVOzWorld

    This would be awesome, but probably a gazillion dollars. lol