Samsung helping to solve Retina iPad mini display shortage


There have been multiple reports over the past week regarding the iPad mini’s new Retina display. Recently, rumors are claiming that Sharp and LG have been having trouble keeping up with the demand for the new displays, and are falling behind in productions. This means that iPad mini inventory will likely be in short supply as these companies are working out their manufacturing delays.

Sharp is apparently having the most trouble, as LG has been making positive strides in fixing its delays. However, that hasn’t stopped Apple from searching for an alternative to solve this issue. The company has reportedly gone to rival Samsung to help alleviate some manufacturing stress on Sharp and LG. While Samsung won’t be able to make an immediate impact on inventory, the company will be able to help in early 2014, and help continue to provide a steady production of the Retina displays.

There is still no set release date for the Retina iPad mini, possibly due to the display production delays and issues. It has been said that the device will be launched later in November, but a firm timeline is still unknown. As the iPad Air went on sale today, many are hoping that the iPad mini’s launch isn’t too far around the corner. Are you waiting for the Retina iPad mini, or did you buy an iPad Air today? Sound off below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: 9to5Mac

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