Samsung claims Apple attorney made racist remark in closing arguments

apple-vs-samsung (1)Apple and Samsung just can not get along, can they. According to Bloomberg, Samsung has said that an Apple’s attorney made racist remarks during the closing arguments of the damages case, and therefore asked for a mistrial to be declared…yeah. Here is how it goes, apparently:

Harold McElhinny, Apple’s attorney, spoke yesterday of his memory as a child of watching television on American-made sets, and how because the manufacturers didn’t protect their intellectual property their products no longer exist. “We all know what happened,” he said at the conclusion of a damages retrial […]

McElhinny was “appealing to race,” Price told the judge. “I thought we were past that.”

Of course, McElhinny is saying he did not make a racist remark:

I did not say a word about race, and I did not say Asian.

Judge Koh, doing the logical thing after seeing Samsung’s extremely stretched claim, did not grant the motion for mistrial. I have a feeling Samsung doesn’t feel very confident in its case, as it seems that it will try and find any way to have it invalidated.

What do you think? Is this called for? Would you consider his remarks racist, or is Samsung just trying to get out of paying more than it wants? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac, Bloomberg


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