Retina iPad mini delayed because of LCD Burn-In [Rumor]

It has emerged today that the Retina iPad mini may well be delayed because of LCD burn-in issues.

It came as a surprise when Apple announced that the Retina iPad mini would not be released until “later in November”, with no official date yet given.

ETNews, hailing from Korea, are now suggesting that display producer Sharp is having problems with images burning in on its new IGZO displays used in the Retina iPad. It seems that the issue revolves around the thin-film transistor layer, an IGZO innovation which allows more light to pass through the pixels. It appears however that a little bit too much light is getting through.


Even though the burn-in isn’t visible to the naked eye, Apple is refusing to use the displays because of its strict quality control. It comes as no surprise that Apple has no problem in delaying the release of a device to ensure that it’s released with perfect functionality. I can imagine however that some potential customers might be a little miffed that their devices are not yet ready for release.

Are any of you waiting for the Retina iPad mini? Would you rather that Apple fixed this burn-in problem, even thought it’s not visible to the naked eye? Or would you just like to get your hands on the device? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Source: ETNews

Via: Cult of Mac

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    Seems strange that no one has officially commented on the high numbers of the new iPad Air screens which are exhibiting dissy issues… If Apples quality control is so strict what am I and many others doing sitting here with these problems?