Retina iPad mini not available at major carriers, proves a shortage of devices


When the iPad mini with Retina display was announced, many thought it was strange that the device wasn’t given an immediate release date like the iPad Air’s November 1 launch date. However, it was quickly speculated that the lack of a solid release date, and the general “later in November” date given by Apple wasn’t just to mess with us, but likely because of a supply issue. When the iPad mini with Retina launched last week, it was thought that Apple had worked out the shortage of devices to fix supply issues, but it looks like not all of the issues have been resolved.

Many carriers have still not seen a steady shipment of the second generation iPad mini, leaving customers wanting the devices and unable to buy them in carrier stores. Many carriers are backordered for as long as two months with the new mini tablets, and it doesn’t look like supply shortages will be alleviated any time soon. Apple is apparently having serious supply issues with the new Retina display for the tablet, and it’s forcing the company to limit shipments out to carrier stores.

For those interested in the iPad mini with Retina, the best bet would be to place an order online as soon as possible, or to check your local Apple Store for their inventory, as carrier stores are not top priority right now. Has this lack of supply impacted your plans on purchasing a tablet? If so, let us know by dropping a comment below, or tweeting me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: AppleInsider

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