olloclip’s 4-in-1 iPhone 5/5s clip on lens – Macro Lenses Tested [Pics]


A few months back I got my hands on olloclip’s 3-in-1 lens for iPhone 5. As a photography tool, I’ve found it immensely useful. It has a 10x macro lens for super close up images, a wide angle lens and a fish eye lens. But, last month, the company launched an updated version of the accessory, with an extra 15x lens.

In terms of design, both clip-on lens systems have a similar attachment for fitting over the iPhone 5/5s. The fish eye lens is largely the same too, albeit with a transparent cover instead of a black one. The wide angle lens, however has been redesigned. It’s no much deeper and more prominent. For me, it looks like olloclip’s just taken the design and refined it a little. For those of you new to olloclip, the two red parts of the lens can be taken off the main adapter, leaving you using one of the two macro lenses built in.


Left to Right: 4-in-1, 3-in-1, Telephoto+Polarizing

On to the results, and what I was most interested in with the new lens was the new 15x macro. Both wide angle and fish eye are virtually the same as before. But I wanted to know how close I could get using the new macros.

Branch - Standard Camera

Branch – Standard Camera

Branch - 10x Macro

Branch – 10x Macro

Branch - 15x Macro

Branch – 15x Macro

You can see here that the difference between using the macro and using just the plain old iPhone camera is pretty staggering. In the past, I’ve used the 10x macro lens mostly for photographing small flowers and insects. Both of which are rare, heading in to winter. So, I did the best with what I could find. Mostly: leaves and disused cobwebs.

Caught Leaf - Standard iPhone lens

Caught Leaf – Standard iPhone lens

Caught Leaf - 10x Macro

Caught Leaf – 10x Macro

Caught Leaf - 15x Macro

Caught Leaf – 15x Macro

One thing you will struggle with – as is the case with any hyper zoomed-in or close-up work – is keeping a steady hand. Focussing becomes a lot harder, and requires you to be really still. All these shots were taken handheld. But, if you really want to ensure that you’re still, olloclip does sell the clip-on lens kit with a quick-fit case which comes shipped with a tripod mount. In hindsight, I should have used my tripod. Still, the difference between them is clear, and the larger the macro, the narrower the depth of field.

Fence - Standard iPhone lens

Fence – Standard iPhone lens

Fence - 10x Macro

Fence – 10x Macro

Fence - 15x Macro

Fence – 15x Macro

This clip-on lens kit costs $69.99 from, or you can pay $99.99 and get it with the aforementioned clip-on lens kit. I’ve included a gallery of more shots below, and a quick example of the difference between standard, wide angle and fish eye.

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