Kindle fire HDX beats iPad Air in display quality test

DisplayMate technologies have pitted the brand new iPad Air against 8.9 inch rival the Kindle Fire HDX in a display test, with a rather surprising outcome.

The HDX was hailed as “the best performing tablet display that we have ever tested” by the group. The HDX outperformed the iPad Air when it came to brightness, reflectance, high ambient light contrast, and the very important absolutely color accuracy. The HDX was also rated as more power efficient.

Whilst that may sound like quite an extensive beating for the iPad Air, it’s important to note that the Air performed very well in all of the categories tested. DisplayMate claimed that both “are most likely better and more accurate than any display you own”. The iPad Air uses IGZO Metal Oxide LCD technology, which is better than nearly every other tech on the market, whilst the HDX uses Low Temperature Poly Silicon LCD technology. Also tested was the Google Nexus 10 (2012), however this under performed somewhat because the technology has aged a little since then.

From the results, it would seem that the Kindle Fire HDX does offer a better display experience than the iPad Air, yet this isn’t to say that the iPad Air’s display is fantastic. I doubt many of you will be buying a tablet exclusively for display, and in many other areas the Air has a lot more to offer, however it is important that you’re aware of the differing performance and take this into account.

For the full test results, you can check out the graph below!



Via: Cnet

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  • jamescharley22

    To me, this comparison is crap.  Who’s gonna pick up an iPad Air and a Kindle Fire HDX, compare them, then think “The HDX has an excellent display, and the Air a very good display?”  It makes absolutely no sense!
    I don’t have a well supported opinion on the HDX because I’ve never owned one, but they can’t be bad for what they do, but I really don’t see this as the HDX beating the Air.  Maybe because it has a higher pixel density its considered the “winner,” but that won’t be noticed because it appears perfectly sharp at normal working distances.
    They’re both great tablets in my mind, but I’m gonna pick up an iPad Air over an HDX anytime, that’s just me.  I don’t hate Android, Kindle and other non-Apple OS’s and hardware, I’m just deep into Apple’s economy, I’m okay there, and I want devices that integrate seamlessly which Apple’s does in this case.