iWork for iCloud updated with collaboration lists and more

When it comes to Apple’s iWork suite of productivity apps, the apps have seen quite the improvement over the past year. Apple introduced iWork for iCloud, which allows users to access all of their files from anywhere thanks to the iCloud integration. Also, thankfully for iWork users, Apple continues to update the program and include new features, and the company released an update today with some pretty nifty new features for users.

New iWork for iCloud Features

The new update includes many new features, such as the ability to print directly from the ‘Tools’ menu, and adding the ability to create folders to organize documents. The update also includes the new collaboration list, which gives users the ability to see who else is working on the same document, much like the system in place with documents on Google Drive. Below is the full list of new features in iWork for iCloud.

• Collaborator List: vie the list of collaborators currently in a document
• Collaborator Cursor: see cursors and selections for everyone in a document
• Folders: organize documents in folders
• Printing: print directly from the Tools menu
• Skip Slides: right-click any slide in the navigator to skip it during playback (Keynote only)

While these may seem like some critical features for sharing documents, all of these features had been absent in the earlier versions of Apple’s software. It is reported that some of these features were removed so that the iOS apps would be the same as the full desktop versions, but this understandably angered users, and Apple is slowly including the features back into the software.

Are you an iWork for iCloud user, or do you prefer to use something else such as Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

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  • I use Google Docs mainly because it was the first to offer the online collaboration ability. I had documents there that I access on multiple devices. Now, I’m using iWork more, though I still use Google when I have to share work with people at the office (which is sadly Microsoft dominated).