iPad mini with Retina Display – Unboxing and Hands On [VID and Gallery]

A couple of days after it finally launched (rather quietly I must add), I finally got my hands on the iPad mini with Retina Display. I remember back when I reviewed the original iPad mini last year, the only thing I felt it was missing was a Retina display. But I had my concerns. If adding a higher resolution screen was going to increase the thickness and weight of the device, it wasn’t a compromise I was willing to live with.

I haven’t had it nearly long enough to gather my thoughts properly, but first impressions are good. I do notice a little more weight in hand, but it doesn’t really feel thicker (even though it is, slightly). In all honesty – apart from the screen sharpness – there’s very little to tell it apart. At least not from a design front. I have a feeling that performance will be massively improved.

In the packaging, I did notice one change: 10W power adapter. The original iPad mini came with the same charger as the iPhone. This 10-watt adapter is the same as what used to ship with full size iPads, before Apple released the 12-watt model. The second generation iPad mini has a larger battery, and therefore needs a more powerful charger to ensure that it doesn’t take hours to charge up. Apple’s clearly learned from from the days it used to ship the iPad 3 with a 10-watt charger. That thing used to take forever to charge.

I’ll be posting more throughout the next week with my thoughts on the latest iPads.

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