iPad Air goes through torture tests, doesn’t fare well

If the thought of watching an expensive new iPad Air get destroyed horrifies you, I won’t blame you for not watching the video embedded below. I am one who hates to see awesome technology go to waste, and these types of videos pain me to watch. Especially since I don’t even have an iPad Air. Just watching people destroy them to test the limits is unfortunate, but it does give us an idea of what these devices can handle, and in the case of the iPad Air, it’s not much.

The first test that the tablet goes through is a simple drop test onto a mound of dirt. Surprisingly, the iPad Air can’t even pass this test, which is the easiest of them all. This test completely shatters the screen of the iPad. However, this didn’t stop the testers from dropping the iPad onto concrete, dunking it into some water, and even shot with an AirSoft gun.

While this doesn’t necessarily give us the best idea of real life situations that you may encounter with your tablet, it does show that this isn’t the most durable device that Apple has built. The fact that a five foot drop onto dirt shattered the screen is a concern, but hopefully people with iPads are taking better care of their device. Do these videos make you cringe like me? Were you surprised at how easily the screen shattered? Leave a comment below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: GIGAOM

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