IFTTT adds new actions for iOS Photos and Reminders

IFTTT has added some useful new features for iOS users today with full Photos and Reminders integration. Previously, users could have IFTTT trigger an action when a new photo was taken or a reminder was created but, from today, users can now have IFTTT automatically create reminders or add pictures to any album when triggered.

IFTTT update

For those who don’t know, IFTTT simply means ‘If This Then That’ which aptly summarises the function of the service. The user can create what is dubbed a “Recipe” that consists of a trigger (This) leading to an action (That) being completed. A simple and common example being, if I share a photo on Instagram then add the image to my Dropbox.

I reviewed the iOS app a while ago and the experience is really great (even for someone trying out the service for the first time).

Now, users can add photos to their iOS Camera Roll or any other folder and add reminders to any list in the Reminders app. For example, you can have IFTTT automatically add any photos you like on Instagram to a folder within the Photos app or have emails you label as “To-do” in Gmail added to a list in the Reminders app.

This will be fantastic news for IFTTT users who have been hoping for better Photos and Reminders integration.

But before you start adding all those new recipes to the service, you might want to consider the way the IFTTT iOS app processes these new features. Rather than operating in the background and utilizing iOS 7 mechanisms, location services are powered up in order to perform these new tasks which could have an impact on your iPhone’s battery life. This is a shame as many users will be put off by this unnecessary power drain.

Let us know what you think about IFTTT’s new capabilities? Will you be thinking up some new recipes?

Via: IFTTT Blog

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