iBooks updated with iOS 7 redesign

Apple has just released an update to its iBooks application bringing with it a complete redesign. The wooden bookshelf, one of the last remaining skeuomorphic reminders of iOS 6, is gone and the whole application has been re-skinned with a minimal new aesthetic.


Apart from an aesthetic redesign, little else seems to have change – functionally, the app remains the same.

What’s New in iBooks Version 3.2

iBooks has been updated with a beautiful new design for iOS 7. 

iBooks was one of the last remaining Apple apps that was waiting on a redesign. We’ve recently seen updates to Apple’s Remote app, Podcasts app as well as a full redesign of it’s iLife and iWork apps for iOS.

Additionally, Apple has updated its education focussed iTunes U app in a similar aesthetic fashion to iBooks, removing real-world textures and visual ornamentation.

What’s New in iTunes U Version 1.4

This version of iTunes U has been updated for iOS 7 with an all-new look and feel.

Both updates are free to the existing applications and can be downloaded from the App Store here: iBooks, iTunes U.

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  • Kevin Olson

    FINALLY…. iBooks gets the iOS 7 treatment.  Now I hope they do the same to the Find my Friends app soon!

  • adamoram

    Kevin Olson Yep. Me too!

  • squiggs77

    Yes! No more waste of space fake book theme. I always cringed when I saw people using that theme.
    Also, I noticed its faster on my iPad 3. Probably due to updating the underline and highlight rendering.