Here’s what is new in iOS 7.1 beta

ios71beta1Apple has released iOS 7.1 in a beta form for developers only, and there are a few UI changes that are found in the release notes. Betas for .x updates aren’t new, iOS 6.1 saw a beta as well as 5.1 (which actually saw multiple), so an iOS 7.1 beta was well expected. But what is new? Besides a good amount of under the hood changes to miscellaneous frameworks and APIs, there are some new accessibility changes and some minor UI changes. iDownloadBlog put a preliminary list of changes up which can be found below:

  • instead of saying ‘No Missed Notifications,’ it now just says ‘No Notifications’ when NC is cleared.
  • new Yahoo logo is now present in NC, as well as Weather app
  • seems to be a number of bug fixes related to stability/performance
  • new ‘HDR Auto’ feature in the Camera app
  • new ‘Upload Burst Photos’ option in Settings app (Photos & Camera tab)
  • new ‘Use Dark Keyboard’ option in Settings app (Accessibility tab)

Also, after installing it on my personal device I was able to spot a few different changes as well:

  • Notification Center “Calendar” now has line indicating current time
  • Lock Screen non-simple passcode keyboard has changed
  • With Reduce motion turned on, multitasking now fades in instead of doing the zooming out/in effects

Other miscellaneous things pointed out across the internet include:

  • New animations for pinch to home screen on iPad
  • New accessibility options for “Reduce Transparency” and “Darken Colors” which cause the dock and folder backgrounds to turn a dark grey
  • The Flickr logo in Settings was changed to the current white version instead of the grey gradient from before
  • Notification Center’s X and Clear buttons are now larger and easier to press
  • Animations are slightly faster (see below)

As mentioned, animations appear to be ever so slightly faster. Below you can see my iPhone 5 (right) and iPhone 5s (left). The iPhone 5 is on iOS 7.0.4 and the iPhone 5s is on iOS 7.1 beta.


So far, that is all that I personally have been able to notice. Nothing too major, but changes nonetheless. If you are a developer, you can head on over to the Developer Center and download the beta for your respective device. According to iH8sn0w on Twitter, today’s beta expires on Monday, January 13, 2014. We will keep you posted as any other updates are found.

What do you think? What are you hoping comes in iOS 7.1, the final version? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


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  • dhergert

    Hey Kyle, Thanks for the comparison!  One thing though. How can you chalk up, or even compare with a straight face, the animation speed difference between an iPhone 5 (A6) and an iPhone 5s (A7) as being because of the minor iOS version? It has to be because of the hardware, no?

  • cdomigan

    Because the animation speed is timer set, it has nothing to do with processor speed. If the processor is too slow it will just drop frames rather than make the animation take longer to run.

  • negronfernando97

    We’ll you should add percentage on iPod touch 5 generation like the iPhones,iPads

  • robattrell

    Albums under artists in music are now sorted reverse chronologically, like it should be. 7.0.x was just chronological.

  • KyleFrost

    dhergert Not everything is hardware related, no. If Apple wanted, it could make the animations on each device take 5 minutes by simply changing a number (if iOS is written how I assume). Apple could, by the same method, change the animation to be faster. If the processor of the device running the animation could not keep up with what the code was asking of it, the animation would see slow frame rates and you would see more harsh movement in the animation in question. Because of this, the A6 and A7 shouldn’t show too big a difference (if any at all) when it comes to this sort of animation. The differences in the A6 and A7 are more suited for once the application has actually been loaded, in how fast it can run the startup functions and get the user to the content of the application. A simple animation such as how the application “flies in” when opening shouldn’t put enough strain on the processors to show a distinguishable difference between the A6 and A7; and if it is, Apple is doing something very, very wrong.

  • Pallavi v k

    Ok.. Was the emoji keyboard included in the previous versions or just added in this beta ??

  • rombout

    The function of reduced motion and simple fade in an out was already available in version 7.0.0 or did it change somehow?