Griffin announces new iOS controlled MOTO TC Rally car

Perhaps the greatest appeal of iOS is just how much it can do. Sure, it doesn’t have all of the customization options that Android has, and it isn’t as unique as Windows Phone, but the developer commitment and support for iOS just brings something special to Apple’s mobile operating system. Griffin, one of the largest iOS accessory makers, just announced a new accessory that expands the limitations of iOS even more. The company just announced its MOTO TC Rally car, which is a remote controlled car that is controlled through a proprietary app.

As Griffin explains,

This USB-rechargeable car combines real world and in-app driving excitement, using impact sensors that detect damage from other drivers and obstacles. Interact with your environment like never before! Communicate using Bluetooth, and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch becomes your remote. That means no extra remote to lose, and no batteries to replace.

The app allows you to control the speed and steering of the car, as well as even allowing customizations such as adding speed boosts, and extra armor, which slows you down. The app allows users to race virtually, while they can also control the actual car.

The MOTO TC Rally app packs in lots of ways to race and play!

  • Racing alone or with friends (additional cars sold separately)
  • Drive using your touchscreen’s steering wheel or tilt your device to steer.
  • Configure and balance your car’s speed and armor for your ideal setup.
  • Drive solo or race an opponent, using your car and the MOTO TC Rally App to attack the other driver. Inflict virtual damage that changes the way the Rally car handles.
  • Earn Bonuses (Repair, Shield, Turbo) and Attacks (Flip Controls, Random and Snare) as you drive.

The rally car is currently available from Griffin’s online store for $99, and users can then download the accompanying app for free to complete the racing experience. Would you invest in an iOS controlled car like this? Sound off in the comments below or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: Griffin

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