Findables cases for iPhone 5/5s seek to replace business cards, make it easy to share info [Review]


I’ve lost count of the number of manufacturers making cases for iPhone nowadays. Each of them with an entire collection of plastic cases. Some bend, others flip, some are just basic plastic hard shells. It can be hard to find and recommend the best ones at times. It can be even harder to find unique ones. So when I first got notified of the Findables cases, I was immediately intrigued.

I was sent two designs: FlexStand and FlexWrap. The former is a hard plastic shell with a vertical split down the middle. Its use? To enable you to fold half of the case back and use it as a stand. From a design perspective, it’s a pretty unusual way to solve the kick-stand problem. But it works. And it’s easy to use. Like the FlexStand, the FlexWrap features a flexible part. In fact, it has two; one at the top and one at the bottom. They’re not there to be used as a stand though, they’re purely to make it easier to apply and remove the case.

Apart from the differences in design, the cases are fairly similar. Both are made from a combination of two materials. Like many other cases, there’s an outer hard shell with a flexible but durable rubber material on the inside. This combination not only ensures that your iPhone is protected against every day bumps and scrapes, but also makes the case well-fitted. I have no complaints really about the build quality, design, or materials used. There’s little separating them from the similar style offerings from the likes of Cygnett or Incipio. Kudos goes to the button covers. Often times, I’ve tried and reviewed cases with stiff button covers that give little to know tactile response. With Findables, the buttons give a reassuring click.

One thing you’ll notice in the images, and something I’ve neglected to mention thus far is the QR code printed on the back. Each Findables case has its own unique code. And its this that makes the cases so unique.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 17.48.49Once you get your Findables case, you download the accompanying app. From this app you can manage and register your case. Simply scan the QR code within the app, give your case a name and start inputting your contact details. You can edit business or social profiles for each case. If you’re in to meeting and networking, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to keep track of business cards and there’s little you can do if you run out half way through a conference/show.

What I liked about Findables was that the other person doesn’t need to have the Findables app installed. Any old QR reader like NeoReader can read the code, and it’ll take you to a web-page in Safari where your profile is displayed. Your contact can then hit the “add to contacts” button and save your information right to their phone. Simple.

Although I personally enjoy the feeling of having my own business cards and swapping with others, it’s good to know that if I’m ever caught in a situation where I’m without them, I have a very simple and efficient alternative stored on the back of my case.

Granted, this case isn’t for everyone. After all, who regularly needs to keep on exchanging contact details with tons of other people? But for those who want a backup or replacement for the age old tradition of carrying around business cards, the Findables case is a great solution.

Both the FlexWrap and FlexStand are available in multiple color combinations for $29.95 from



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