The day Monument Valley lands on the App Store can not come soon enough

monument valley

The App Store is – without doubt – the main reason I love iOS. Without its portal to a world of incredible programs, games and tools, the iPhone or iPad would be nothing. Funny to think that back in 2007, Apple seemed so against third party apps making their way on to the iPhone. Yesterday, a story on TechCrunch regarding an upcoming app caught my attention, and I could not sit on this knowledge without sharing it with you.

Monument Valley has been designed and programmed by ustwo (Whale Trail), and uses heavy influences from MC Escher, the well-known artist, famous for drawing impossible architectural shapes and mind-benders. The most famous is probably the set of steps that never stop going up despite being linked together in the form of a square, or the pillars that never quite meet the bottom of a floor.

Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch notes that the games’ use of this artistic style isn’t there just to serve as something nice to look at. Rather, the shapes hold the key to how you should solve each puzzle. The challenge is to determine which of the many towers, stairs and paths are real, which connect up etc. Parts can be rotated to fit together. It sounds like an awesome, brain melting puzzle. I can’t wait for it to land.

“Normal rules absolutely don’t apply, with Ida able to press buttons allowing her to defy gravity and walk on a wall, or pass through one apparently disconnected tower door and appear out of another at the opposite side of the screen. Except when they do — Ida can’t just clamber anywhere she fancies; if there’s a wall, she needs a ladder to go up it. Or a gravity switch to flip her perspective. ” 

At launch, Monument Valley will be iPad-only and comes during the first quarter of next year. The reasons behind it being an iPad exclusive are simple: It’s about the small details. Ken Wong, ustwo’s artist states “Every running river, every small crack in the architecture and Ida’s small movements feel enhanced on the bigger screen”.

There’s a lot more to Lomas’ report at TC, and I highly recommend reading it. It could be one of those iconic games that people will remember for a long time. Long after people  have forgotten about Minion Rush, or Candy Crush, we’ll still be looking back at Monument Valley with great nostalgia.

To sign up for updates on the app’s progress, hit the Monument Valley splash page.

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