Chrome for iOS to get autofill functionality with desktop syncing

Google Chrome has today announced that its iOS app is to get the autofill feature from its Android counterpart.

The new Autofill feature will allow users to complete online forms automatically, just like Chrome’s desktop and Android offerings do already. Chrome will also provide syncing across devices, Android and Desktop included, when users sign into Chrome on iPad or iPhone.


The roll out for this new feature begins today, and promises to save an awful lot of time when web browsing through the Chrome app. Filling out forms online can be a pain, particularly when confined to the smaller screen of the iPhone, which makes navigating forms much trickier.

It’s excellent to hear that Chrome is bringing its autofill feature to iOS, however there’s more good news. The autofill feature already established over on Android is currently having some streamlining improvements tested, so it’s highly likely that the iOS version of Chrome will feature a much better version of autofill than is currently available in the near future.

There are no more iOS related features to report on, but you can check out the entire Chrome release here!


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