Check your Apple Store’s iPad Air inventory before you go

iPad Air Tracker

If you’re venturing out to an Apple Store soon to buy a new iPad Air, why not make sure that your local store has the tablet you want and in stock? Apple Tracker, the company that released an inventory tracker for the iPhone 5s, has released the same tool today, but with iPad Air inventory included.

The tool allows you to insert your desired color, carrier, and zip code. Based off of your zip code, it will give you a list of nearest Apple Stores to you, and will show you whether each store has the iPad Air available, and will show you which storage options are available at each store as well, by showing a green box with a check mark for “in stock” and a red box with an x through it for “out of stock”.

Although I’m not in the market for buying an iPad Air, I would definitely check this tool before I went out if I were planning on buying the tablet. It can never hurt to be safe, right? Plus, if I wanted a 64GB iPad Air, I’d have to go to another store, or get a different color, so this would save me the trip to my closest store. Will you use this tool to ensure that your local store has the tablet you want? Leave a comment below or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: AppleTracker

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