AT&T considering purchasing Vodafone


AT&T hasn’t necessarily had the best of luck with acquisitions. One major example comes to mind, and that’s the failed acqusition of T-Mobile a couple of years ago. The acquisition was under fire by other carriers as well as the FCC. The major complaint was that it would eliminate one of the four major carriers, and get closer and closer to a duopoly for AT&T and Verizon. That would make those two carriers more powerful, and meant that Sprint probably would’ve had a tough time surviving. However, that acquisition fell through due to the opposition, and AT&T has been sitting quietly ever since. However, today a new report surfaced that is claiming that the big blue carrier is interested in purchasing Vodafone, the European carrier.

AT&T executives are reportedly working on putting together a proposal that would purchase the largest carrier in Europe. While the company also has assets in Africa and India, it is possible that AT&T may sell those parts because it is mainly interested in Vodafone’s European operations. It is also reported that as a back up plan, AT&T is also considering carrier EE in case something doesn’t go well with Vodafone. It is potentially a good move for both companies, as AT&T could help increase smartphone adoption rates in Europe, and AT&T also has the chance to increase its presence in other parts of the world through this deal.

Do you think AT&T should attempt to purchase Vodafone or another Europe company? Would you be upset to see the company invest in another carrier? Does this worry you if you’re on Sprint or T-Mobile? Comment below or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: PhoneDog

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