Point-of-sales systems in Apple Stores go down nationwide


If you’ve gone to an Apple Store today and attempted to make a purchase, or pick up an order from online, you may have experienced a little trouble during the checkout process. But don’t worry, it wasn’t just you. According to reports, Apple’s point-of-sales systems in stores nationwide crashed today, leaving the stores unable to ring up customers and left customers unable to purchase their products.

The system was apparently down for about two hours, and one report claims that the report wasn’t just limited to the United States, but may have been an international outage of the system. According to AppleInsider, the glitch may have cost Apple as much as $25 million, as each store reportedly earned around $50,000 per hour, and there are 253 stores located in the United States.

With the recent launch of the iPad mini with Retina display, as well as the iPad Air and two new iPhones, this was probably not the best time for Apple’s system to go down, especially as the holiday season approaches. Were any of you affected by the system crash today while at an Apple Store? Drop a comment below, or tweet me your experience at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: AppleInsider

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