Apple Stores point-of-sale outage forces Apple to use pens and paper to process transactiosn

It has emerged that the continuing point-of-sale outages across Apple stores in the US has forced many retail outlets to process transactions using pens, paper and old manual credit card machines.


According to TechCrunch, Apple was plagued by an “extensive outage” on early Thursday which continued through the day. As you well know, Apple Store specialists usually process transactions via their point-of-sales units, an iPod touch or an iPod, housed in a battery case complete with card readers. They also operate the RetailMe app and EasyPay apps. Apple’s EasyPay service is still currently functional, however this method does

One Twitter user Tweeted a picture of an Apple store using manual credit card systems, in an outage that could potentially cost Apple a lot of money. Apple’s retail stores earn around $50,000 an hour each.


Via: TechCrunch

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  • WilliamCron

    I was at an Apple Store yesterday during the outage and can confirm the credit card machines. Also, with the system down they were unable to sell Apple Care warranties. I stayed at the store for an hour and a half waiting for their system to come back up. From the various stories I’ve read, it came back up shortly after I left.