Apple Stores to celebrate holidays with spectacular LED window displays

The holidays are almost upon us and, like many retailers, Apple plans to celebrate by adding a Wintery window display to its storefronts.

apple store christmas display

Above is a photo sent in to 9to5Mac that shows the the display in full. It was confirmed by a reader that the display pictured is already up at the Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas.

In typical Apple style, the design is simplistic, utilizing only LEDs to resemble falling snowflakes. The displays highlight the iPhone 5c and the iPad Air stating “May you holidays be bright” and “May your holidays be light” respectively.

It’s impressive that Apple have managed to craft something that is this simple, yet clearly reflects the holiday period to customers.

The displays will be going up in Apple Stores across the globe this week and will remain up until early January. If you needed another excuse to get yourself down to the Apple Store then I guess seeing Apple’s window displays in person is as good as any.

Via: 9to5Mac

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  • David

    Where can you buy a LED display like that at the Apple store?