Apple doubles up Android on ad impressions worldwide

Ad Impresssion Marketshare

Ads on iOS and Android are huge revenue boosters for app developers for the platforms. Many apps require funding from ads placed inside their apps, and gain revenue each time a user clicks on the ads. According to new data that has come to light today, iOS users are much more likely to click on ads when compared to Android.

According to DSP Adfonic, iOS accounted for over 60% of all ad impressions worldwide on mobile devices during the third quarter of this year. Surprisingly, even though it has a much larger worldwide marketshare of mobile platforms, Android only accounted for around 30% of ad impressions, which is down 6 percentage points from last quarter. Blackberry came in third, at less than 1%, while other platforms such as Windows Phone, were essentially irrelevant in the study.

While this may seem like a big surprise, considering the worldwide marketshare of these platforms, it is actually not much of a surprise to me that Apple’s ad impressions are so much higher than anyone else. The platform is known for having tremendous app support, and having the best App Store, and the quality of apps translates to users clicking on ads. Are you surprised at these numbers from Apple? Drop your thoughts below, or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

Source: AppleInsider

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  • Bmykytyn

    It makes sense.. More apps = more ads.
    Plus from what I’ve seen, android users are usually more… Tech savvy (for lack of a better description). Which would include avoiding ads, and even installing ROMs that block ads all together.