Apple Campus 2 gets go-ahead from Cupertino

Apple’s incredible spaceship office, Campus 2, has finally been given the go ahead by Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney.


Mahoney told Apple to “go for it”, as he gave approval for the construction, with building permits expected to be received by Apple on November 20, when development can begin.

In Phase one of the development, Apple will construct the 2.8 million square foot, circular office building, as well as its 100,000 square foot fitness center and its dedicated auditorium, measuring in a 120,000 square.

Apple also plans to construct an underground parking garage, with room for 2,400 vehicles.

In exchange for the construction agreement with Cupertino, Apple has consented to a reduction in its sales tax rebate received from Cupertino. Now, Apple will only have 35% of its sales taxes refunded, in comparison to the 50% it received last year.



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