Apple Black Friday deals go live, starting in Australia – No discounts, just gift cards


In recent years, Apple’s Black Friday deals have been the only opportunity to buy direct from Apple and get discount on any of its products. Normally receiving a price cut of under 10%, it would range from iPads and iPods through accessories and Macs. This year, that’s not the case.

Apple’s one-day shopping event has already kicked off in Australia and it’s perhaps a little sad. This year, Apple is giving away gift cards with purchases. For instance, if you buy a Mac, you get an Apple store gift card worth AUS $150 (around $137 USD). Buying an iPad will get you AUS $75 (approx. $68 USD) and an iPod will earn you AUS $50 ($45 USD). Sadly, no offers are available on the new Retina-equipped iPad mini.

We’re not sure what value gift cards will on offer in the UK or US, but we’ll update you as soon as we find out. It may not be quite the same as getting a discount, but it will mean you’ll be able to pick up some accessories or other products from the store while you buy your iDevices.

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