Analysis places iOS App Store well ahead of Google Play and Amazon Appstore

A Pfeiffer report has placed Apple’s iOS App Store well ahead of competitor offerings Google Play and the Amazon Appstore in a “2013 App Store Maturity Shootout”.

The 3 outlets were graded in four categories, search, discovery assistance, user experience friction and and an evaluation grid maturity score. You can gauge the test from the App Store Discovery Assistance category below, where Apple scored 44.04% out of an ideal 100%. Despite this seemingly poor score, it was still well ahead of its fairly abysmal competition.

Apple also scored higher in the maturity ranking, which was based on use of tablet specific apps, editorial content and recommendations.

In terms of search capabilities and user experience friction, Apple actually scored lower than Google Play. Pfeiffer suggested that Apple might add natural language searching to the App Store, and labelled the app stores structure as “somewhat overpowering”.



Overall, the App Store scored a respectable 53.1 out of 100, convincingly beating Google Play, which scored 40.9, and totally overshadowing the Amazon Appstore, which scored 34.1.

Whilst the results clearly show that Apple’s App Store is the best software outlet of the 3 major players, there’s certainly room for improvement. On the discovery of apps, the report of all 3 noted:

“Current app stores do not fully reflect the breadth and richness of apps that are out there…They work fine if all you are interested in is the next bestselling game. If, on the other hand, you are talking about a truly original app — one that will drive the platform forward if it gets widely used — (then) the chances of being discovered are slim.”

Pfeiffer based its scored on its “2013 App Store Reference Definition”, which is their manufactured benchmark of a mature, sophisticated app store, an app store nirvana that all others should aspire too.

Personally, I find the App Store to be fantastic, and one of iOS’ strongest selling points, do you?


Via: Apple Insider

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