Verizon confirms software glitch led to upgrade customers keeping unlimited plan


When subscribers upgraded to the new iPhones last weekend, Verizon – unknowingly – was allowing legacy unlimited data customers to keep their old unlimited plans. Not such a big deal? Apparently it is. The carrier’s policy is that anyone with an unlimited plan must either pay the full unsubsidized price of a new phone, or stick with their existing device if they want to keep the all-you-can-eat data.

It soon realized the cause for the error, and is working to fix it. But thankfully, those who did upgrade and keep their unlimited plans are being allowed to remain on them:

“The carrier confirmed the issue to AllThingsD and said it would honor the unlimited plans of those customers who managed to upgrade while Verizon was working to fix its software. Verizon’s policy has been to allow existing customers to keep their unlimited data plan but only by sticking with their existing device or paying the full unsubsidized cost of any new phone they want to use with the unlimited data plan.”

In stark contrast to its seemingly stingy competitor, T-Mobile and Sprint have both made a big deal of offering unlimited data with no speed caps to their customers. For T-Mobile specifically, these plans plus the popularity of the early upgrade “Jump” plans have boosted the network operator’s subscriber base over the past couple of quarters. At its current pace, it won’t be long before many are looking at the magenta flavored carrier as a genuine threat. Customers are certainly starting to come around to them being a real alternative.

Via: AllThingsD

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  • jabombardier

    I wonder how many people got away with that, and how many people may leave Verizon because of the data cap?