Updated Apple apps rolling out in App Store

Apple app updates

During Apple’s announcement today of its new iPads, there was a heavy emphasis throughout the keynote on apps, and updating apps for the new operating systems being launched by the Cupertino company. The company took time out of the presentation to show off its new suite of iWork and iLife apps, including Garage Band, iPhoto, Pages, and the other iWork apps.

Fortunately for users of these apps, updates are already rolling out in the App Store. The new apps feature completely revamped user interfaces to fit in with the iOS 7 style, as well as including new features. For example, iPhoto now allows photo books, interactive slideshows, and ordering prints of your photos. The apps also each got nice new logos that are much more flat, and fit in with Apple’s push for a simpler design in its latest iOS version.

To check out the new app updates if you already have the apps, head on over to the App Store and check for updates. Remember, they may have already updated automatically thanks to iOS 7! What do you think about the new app updates? Do you like the new simpler designs? Comment below or tweet me at @TiP_Griffin.

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