Twitter for iOS updated with Vine previews and one-touch interactions

Twitter has updated its iOS app to bring Vine previews to your timeline.

Version 5.12, released under the guise of “Be a part of the moment” now lets users see tweets with Twitter Photos, Vine Videos and other selected content directly in their home timeline feed without having to click a link. Now, all content of this nature will appear as a preview image on your timeline alongside and among other tweets, selecting the content will render it in full screen.

Users can now also tweet pictures without text. If you find that previews of images and videos makes your timeline too fragmented, or you find it cluttered, this feature can be switched off from Settings.

There are also some improvements to conversations and interactions. Reply, retweet and favorite can now all be access directly from the home timeline, without having to open an individual tweet. With one touch users can reply, retweet and favorite tweets instantly.

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These updates to Twitter for iOS are a huge boost to the timeline. The previews make the timeline more colorful, and they make it all the more easier to decide whether or not content is worth viewing, which will make viewing your Twitter feed even more efficient. If you couple that with the addition of one-touch interactions for replies, retweets and favoriting, and your Twitter experience just got a whole lot smoother and more enjoyable. Twitter is continuing to make big improvements to its app as a means of keeping the stock Twitter app a competitive alternative to popular 3rd party clients such as Tweetbot.

Twitter is available free on iOS now! App Store

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