Top Stories This Week: iPhone 6 rumors and concept, iPad Air pricing/specs plus more…

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This week in Apple news was almost all about the latest tablets to be announced. On Tuesday, at a special event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue got up on stage to show off new software and hardware. We saw Mavericks (again), the new Mac Pro in more detail, new iWork and iLife apps as well as the all-new iPad Air and Retina iPad mini. But, some other stories still managed to creep in to our top 5. Check out the biggest stories from the past 7 days:

1.New iPhone 6 concept features drool-worthy specs, edge-to-edge display

Everyone loves a concept, and this was one of the most tech-dreamworldy I’ve seen. Featuring as many high-end specs as you could imagine, the iPhone 6 concept had a lot of features that – although great – are almost certainly impossible to create.

2.Munster: iPhone 6 will be a “blockbuster” release next summer, iWatch and TV still in development

Gene Munster never stops predicting release dates for Apple products, and he generally never stops being wrong. He’s been bringing up the Apple HDTV set more than any other analyst, and now thinks the larger iPhone 6 will be released in the summer of 2014, with the iWatch coming later on. As much as I believe both products (watch/phone) are coming, I cannot agree with his timescale.

3.iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad 2 specs compared – Which should you buy?

With more choice than ever in the iPad lineup, which of the 4 available tablets should you buy? I compare specs and break down choices in terms of budget, performance and size.

4.Does Apple care about iPad model naming?

Ever since the iPad was released, no new model has followed any sort of sequence with naming. Does that mean Apple really doesn’t care all too much about it? Or is it following the Mac naming process?

5.Non Retina space gray iPad minis showing up in Apple Stores

During the announcement on Tuesday, Apple announced that it would be making all the new iPads available in black/space gray and white/silver. But, surprisingly, it wasn’t just the new models getting a color change. Apple also decided to change the slate coloring on the iPad mini (non-Retina) to space gray too, and they’re arriving in stores already.


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