Top Stories This Week: The Kardashian phone, why I’m selling my iPhone 5s and more…

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This week’s been another fun filled week of iOS related news in the tech scene. Perhaps the most important announcement was that Apple sent out invites to an event at the Yerba Buena Center on Tuesday October 22. It’s widely expected that it’ll be used to debut the new iPad(s) and a few other pieces. As well as that this week, I gave my thoughts on the two new iPhones after 3 weeks with them, and came to the conclusion that the 5s doesn’t offer me enough right now to justify keeping it over my iPhone 5 and 5c. There was plenty more, so dig in (headlines are links to the original articles):

1.3 weeks with the new iPhones, and why I’m probably selling my iPhone 5s

Summarizing this post in a few lines isn’t easy. But, essentially, the noticeable improvement between the iPhone 5 and 5s is so slight, that I find it hard to justify keeping it. The iPhone 5c on the other hands feels and looks completely different, and is definitely my preferred phone to use as a daily driver.

2.What to expect from Apple’s October 22nd event

We’ll almost certainly see an iPad 5 next week, but what else will Apple announce along side it? New MacBooks, iPhones, Mavericks?

3.BBM for iPhone launching “within days” according to BlackBerry’s CMO

Looks like BBerry’s CMO spoke to soon on this one. It’s “days” since he made the comment, and BBM still hasn’t materialized on the App Store.

4. If Apple designed a Bluetooth headset for iPhone 5s and 5c… [Concept]

Apple’s last attempt at a wireless headset was a disaster, but, if it did make them to match iPhone 5s and 5c, how would they look?

5. Gold iPhone 5s was reportedly called ‘The Kardashian Phone’ by Apple employees

One story popping up late last night was that some Apple employees (jokingly) called the gold iPhone the “Kardashian” phone.

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  • Dwinbush2

    The iPhone 5S doesn’t give me that wow factor. If you are an iPhone 5 user upgrading to the 5s isn’t a big jump. Yes the processor is faster bit the A6 is not slow at all. I don’t really need the flash camera and my pics still look great. Burst mode and slow mo are great but soon there could be apps for that. Touch ID is more for the person who thinks nobody will steal their iPhone or always loses their phone. The pass code feature is okay for me. I just feel that if you wait for the iPhone 6 you will be happy you did the same way I felt about skipping out on the iPhone 4S when I had the 4.