Top Stories this Week: iPhone 6 rumors, iPhone 5s vs. 5c comparison plus more…

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This past couple of weeks have been something of a limbo. We’re in between one Apple product launch and the next. With the iPads set to arrive at an event towards the end of October, analysts decided to spend their time predicting what was next for our favorite fruit company. This week we’ve read a few different ideas. Some ridiculous, some plausible. As well as that, one of the articles I published last week is still popular this week (the 5s vs. 5c comparison), and – making an odd appearance in the top 5 – a new accessory for the iPhone.

1.Analyst: iPhone 6 to feature 4.8-inch screen

Every analyst and their dog believes Apple will release a new iPhone next year with a larger display. Most are under the impression that it’ll be between 4.5 and 5-inches. Although I don’t doubt we’ll see a bigger iPhone, I’m not convinced Apple will make it as big as that. The company’s not renowned for releasing products in response to the market. It just continues to make devices that it thinks are great.

2.Rumors of larger-screened iPhones, Retina iPad mini and Retina MacBook Air emerge once again

Perhaps the least believable of analysts, Brian White, popped up a couple of times this week. The first report claimed Apple would be making a Retina MacBook Air and releasing it in 2014 as well as a TV set and an iWatch. Sound ridiculous to you? Me too.

3.iPhone 5s allegedly bending in people’s pockets all by themselves [pics]

Yet again, people are stating that iPhones can magically bend themselves. Personally, I can’t see it happening without either a lot of heat (contracting and expanding the metal) or major impact to the phone.

4.iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c – Full Comparison [VID]

In my full comparison between the two latest iPhones, I review everything from design and performance to cameras. Which do you prefer of the two?

5.PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s now available

Lastly, a rare appearance for an accessory on our top 5 list. PhoneSuit has launched its latest backup battery case and it looks massively different to anything I’ve tried so far. It’s much rounder and has a gorgeous set of five bar LEDs. Plus, it’s much thinner than most cases while still hosting 2100mAh of power.

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