Slo-mo camera shootout tests iPhone 5s 120fps camera by shooting at iPhone 5c

Every year when Apple releases a new iPhone, we begin to see a bunch of drop-tests from various blogs to test the everyday survival chances of the new device. The folks at Rated RR tend to take things a lot further by bringing some rifles into the mix.

As well as putting the iPhone 5c through its paces, they wanted to test out the 120fps slo-mo capability of the new iPhone 5s and compare it to other slow motion camera’s on the market, as well as their own 60,000fps camera.

And, naturally, the best way to do so was to use the iPhone 5s to film the shooting of a new iPhone 5c. After a few drop tests on the 5c, the real fun begins.

While the above video might help you assess the iPhone 5c’s resistance to daily wear and tear, it also offers a quick look at the slo-mo mode in the iPhone 5s and compares it to a 120fps GoPro Hero3+, a 300fps Red Digital Cinema Epic and the Rated RR 60,000fps camera.

The slo-mo footage from the iPhone 5s looks as good as that from the GoPro but of course is no match for the cameras with higher frames per second.

Via: 9to5Mac

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