Shazam updated with ‘News’ feed, artist updates and friend activity updates

Shazam has just updated its app for iOS.

The Shazam “Friends” feed is now called “News.” You can check out all the latest happenings based on what you’ve been Shazaming.

  • Get updates when artists are releasing a new album
  • Plus – there’s the live feed of your friends’ tags
  • Fixed a bug with Tweeting your Shazams on iPhone 5S

Verison 7.1.0 has altered the ‘Friends’ feed, which is now called ‘News. This is where you’ll get a personalized news feed based on your activities, which includes artist updates for album releases. There’s also a new live feed of what your friends have been tagging, so that you can listen to the music they’re listening too!

Shazam iPad app

One bug fix of note is that the app should no longer run into issues when Tweeting your Shazams on the iPhone 5s.

The updates should make the Shazam experience a lot more social, and pushes the app closer to the social networking models of Facebook and Twitter. Whilst these are some nice changes, this is a pretty minor update. Shazam is available to download for iPhone and iPad free now! App Store


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