Samsung caught inflating benchmarking scores again

Samsung was found to be falsely inflating benchmarking scores with its Galaxy S 4 smartphone earlier this year and it seems like they’re at it again with their latest device: the Galaxy Note 3.

Note 3

An in depth report by Ars Technica explores how Samsung utilises special code in its operating system to identify when benchmarking apps are running and boost CPU speeds accordingly in order to achieve higher scores.

Benchmarking is useful in providing an idea of a phone or tablet’s general performance. But the results showed that speeds on the Note 3 were 20% higher when benchmarking apps were running when compared to regular usage meaning that the scores achieved do not reflect everyday use. On occasions scores were inflated by as much as 50%.

note 3 benchmarks

The difference is remarkable. In Geekbench’s multicore test, the Note 3’s benchmark mode gives the device a 20 percent boost over its “natural” score. With the benchmark boosting logic stripped away, the Note 3 drops down to LG G2 levels, which is where we initially expected the score to be given the identical SoCs. This big of a boost means that the Note 3 is not just messing with the CPU idle levels; significantly more oomph is unlocked when the device runs a benchmark.

There seems to be a lot of effort put into inflating benchmarking scores with the behaviour seemingly present in many Android devices today. It will be interesting to see how seriously these benchmarks are taken in future and if much closer attention will be paid to CPU behaviour while running a benchmark.

Here’s what Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, thinks about the story:

Via: Ars Technica

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