Retina iPad mini facing production issues?

A note to investors submitted by Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company has suggested that the Retina iPad mini is facing production issues, and may not be ready in full supply until the beginning of next year.

According to his estimates, iPad shipments in the final quarter of this year, which encompasses the holiday season, will be around 23 million, in comparison Apple sold 22.9 million iPads in that period last year. We’ve already received word from supply chains that the inclusion of a Retina display in the next iPad mini was causing production issues. The stories of supply constraints leading up to a device’s announcement/release are totally standard now, and it would seem that regardless of how many devices Apple produces, there’ll always be some shortages in the opening weeks of release.


Meanwhile, Apple’s rumored 5th generation iPad, complete with iPad mini inspired form factor does not appear to be suffering from any production setbacks. It would again seem that Apple’s production problems therefore revolve around the installation of the Retina display, with the downsizing of the larger iPads form factor not appearing to be a problem.

Apple will almost certainly announce both of these devices at its product launch event tomorrow (October 22). We’ll be live-blogging the entire event right here, so you can keep track of all the announcements forthcoming!


Via: Apple Insider

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