Push iCloud email returns to Germany following 19-month injunction

Apple has finally been able to return its push email service to iCloud in Germany, following 19 months of blackout.

The service was forced offline in February of last year, when Motorola, now under Google, won an injunction against the service when applied to emails. The patent is essentially a push email synchronization invention. Despite the ruling over Apple, the patent was invalidated by a UK court last December in a similar case against Microsoft. In April, a German court recommended that the ban placed on iCloud email push notifications in Germany be lifted following that ruling, however Google refused. Later, the same court ruled against Google in a case against Microsoft, highlighting the notion that the patent was probably invalid.


Just last month, Apple won a lifting of the enforcement following the ruling that the patent was invalid. Despite this, Apple still had to post a bond of approximately $132 million to have the injunction lifted. However, Google is to face the court again in November, for a nullity hearing on the patent. If the court rules against Google, then Google will most likely be forced to pay Apple damages for enforcing an injunction prematurely, despite several opportunities to lift the enforcement.

Up until yesterday, German iCloud customers had been forced to set their iOS devices to manually retreive emails. Now, the service has been reactivated, and it looks like Google could soon pay for its dealings.


Via: Apple Insider

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