Pro photographer tests the iPhone 5s’ camera against the iPhone 5

Professional photographer Austin Mann has travelled to Patagonia to test out the iPhone 5s’ camera, and to compare it against the iPhone 5.


The overwhelming moral of the story definitely seems to suggest that the iPhone 5s’ camera is a marked improvement over the camera of the iPhone 5. In terms of specifics, there were several key differences to note. When taking panoramic photos, the iPhone 5s was able to much better account for dark and light subjects when taking the wider shots, making the pictures much more evenly lit, even without HDR.

Mann also noted that the 5s’ dynamic range was “remarkably better” than the 5.

When using Snapseed to process images later on, the iPhone 5s did a much better job at retrieving lost details in shadows.

Improvements on the shutter speed were also evident, with the time now apparently “non-existent”. Mann was also impressed with the burst mode feature, which allows you to take several shots at once and then choose the best image.

Despite these improvements however, in side-by-side comparisons iPhone 5 shots appeared to have a little more contrast and color in them. Mann claimed that this was more similar to a “RAW image, which doesn’t look as nice off the bat, but has a lot more flexibility for editing on the backend”.

You can check out the full gallery and make a decision for yourself here! Overall, it is clear that the iPhone 5s’ camera is significantly better than the iPhone 5 in a number of areas. In closing Mann said:

This iPhone 5S beats out the 5 in every camera test and in many ways I prefer it to my DSLR.  Sure it has its pros & cons… but for the first time ever, I didn’t bring my Canon 1DX and I didn’t regret it one bit. That’s saying a lot. The quiet beauty behind the iPhone 5S is what I find most powerful. The upgrades they made here aren’t ones that sell phones… instead, they focused on making the pictures better, even if it’s silent innovations in features no one even knows about… it’s not max megapixels or other flashy specs. The results are amazing and at the end of the day, people are going to really like the pictures coming from their iPhone 5S… and that’s really all that matters!


Via: Engadget

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  • DrewPage

    sounds great, that camera.  Maybe it will come down to intended use though.  I take many photos with my iPhone 5c that will only be used for the web.  For that, its an awesome camera.  Maybe not the equal of the 5S, but still one of the best I think.  I don’t regret not getting the 5S.
    I can wait until next year for this technology.  Even though I am on a two year contract, I upgrade every year, since AT&T gives me an early upgrade offer good for the iPhone only, every year.